Protect Your Head: Concussion Prevention Traumatic Brain Injuries

Protect Your Head: Concussion Prevention Traumatic Brain Injuries

Protect Your Head: Concussion Prevention Traumatic Brain InjuriesProtect Your Head: Concussion Prevention Traumatic Brain InjuriesProtect Your Head: Concussion Prevention Traumatic Brain Injuries

Our groundbreaking technology reduces impact by 85%, drastically lowering the risk of concussion. Order your HITT Shield now.


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Impact Test

Impact Test showing the Hittshield Defender Sports Cap Absorbing and Dissipating up to 85% of the   

 G Forces 

ABC Action News Report

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Doctor's Opinion

Now we have the 2nd generation HITTSHIELD DEFENDER SPORTS CAP.

Fits under any helmet even a baseball cap. Same protection as the helmet insert. 

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HITT-Shield vs. 17 oz. Hammer

Live Impact Test

2mm thick HITT-Shield "Defender" vs. 17oz. hammer.

We also have the 4mm Defender PRO available upon request. (Pro-Athletes, Military, LEO's, FireFighters, Construction, Warehouse, Oil & Gas Professionals)

2mm offers an 80% reduction in both lateral and rotational concussion and impact.  Imagine what the 4mm PRO can do!

Hitt Shield “Defender”™ Sports Cap

Patented: Under Helmet Safety Enhancement • Concussion Mitigation Protection

“Defender” (2mm thickness) is proven in an independent testing lab report to produce (4x)  more protection against head injury and concussions than any other brand on the market today. 
(Click for Report)
Defender and Defender Pro is worn directly on the head and will fit under any helmet.
At a thickness of only 2mm, our High Impact Transfer Technology (HITT) NDF™ protection product demonstrates 80%+ reduction in both linear and rotational impacts.  HITT Shield NDF™ performed better than every other enhanced head protection solution in market for use in sports, law enforcement, SWAT, riot control, military, Neuro rehab headgear and many other applications. 

  • 4X more protection than closest market competition
  • Fully adjustable – one-size-fits-all
  • Machine washable
  • Uses wicker polyester for sweat management
  • Constructed with global patented NDF™
  • Customization Color and Printing AvailableIf you want the best impact protection against concussions, sub-concussive injuries, CTE and all other traumatic brain injuries, HITT Shield’s NDF™ protection is the solution for you.

Comfortable & Effective Head 

Protection for Sports & Professional Applications including Medical Needs (TBI)


Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting, First Responders, Mining, Construction, Healthcare, Aerospace, Stunt Performers, Oil & Gas, Warehouse


Mountain Biking, Snow Boarding, Boxing, Field Hockey, Cycling, Skiing, Rock Climbing, Motorcycle, Baseball, Equestrian, Rodeo, Motocross, Softball, Polo, Football, Cricket, Bull Riding, Hockey, Martial Arts, Soccer,  Baseball, Rugby, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, MMA, Cheerleading, Auto Racing MEDICAL: Neuro Rehab Headgear

HITT Shield technology is comprised of a proprietary global patented formulation of NDF™ (Non-Newtonian Dilatant Fluid) combined with other uniquely combined active elements.   Non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid whose viscosity (or thickness) varies according to the applied force or stress.  Depending on this force applied, the Non- Newtonian fluid can act like a liquid or a solid. “Dilatant” material is a material whose viscosity (or thickness) increases with the rate of strain (or force) applied.  In short, NDF™ will dramatically absorb and dissipate the energy from an impact instead of transferring that energy to the area the NDF™ is applied or worn.

HITT Shield Defender™  Defender PRO – Sports Caps are the solution for any sport or activity where head protection is priority.



HITT-PG, LLC online store is available 24/7

You can always contact one our team members via our office number and we will return your call within 24 hours.

We guarantee the Defender to perform according to all our test results.

Satisfaction or your money back.


  ***** David Grayson Jr NFL


"My dad bought me the Hittshield Defender sports cap to wear when I play high school football. You can feel the protection and now I don’t get headaches anymore"…Mike K.

"I’m a coach for my sons 8 year old football team and I immediately bought him the Hittshield Defender sports cap. Highly recommend it for any kid who plays any kind of sports. I seen too many kids getting concussions"….Coach Parker

"I purchased 2 Defender caps for my two boys received them within 5 days (Pleasantly surprised !!!)….great customer support"...Tom H.

"I play competitive soccer and recently was in a tournament and got hit in the head….suffered a concussion…. Feeling dizzy and nauseous….Wished I was wearing the Defender sports cap….now I always do"……Haley M.

"I have played club and high school soccer for 12 years and had 2 concussions….When the Defender skull/sports caps came into my life it changed my game….now more comfortable not afraid of high headers or tackles. Especially, the effects of concussions….feel sick and can’t go to school. With the Defender now I can play my game"…….Jennifer C.

"Hitt Shield Defender Sports cap

This is truly an amazing product !!! Lightweight fits under my son's baseball cap and has already been hit by a line drive and he said he didn't feel anything !!! If your kids play sports this is a must !!!!" D.S.

"The Defender gives my child confidence

when playing....and me comfort that 

my child is protected....” Daniell L.

Dear Hitt-PG,

Thank you for developing the HITT SHIELD DEFENDER CAP.

My son Keith wears the HITT SHIELD DEFENDER CAP all the time during cycling practice. The slim fabric fits snug and comfortable under his standard cycling helmet and keeps him cool. He is a Special Olympics athlete and practices for his 2k and 5k events.

The constant news reports about the long term effects of concussions and even minor bumps to the head linking to CTE, had caused me to consider Keith just stop participating and avoid risk of injury. With the HITT SHIELD, I feel the risk of injury is significantly reduced. The cap should become standard gear under all types of athletic helmets. Some of Keith's cycling teammates play softball and they would like to wear one under their batting helmets. Soccer players should wear ones too. I am all for supporting this wonderful innovative product.

                      Edward Conforti


Do the Defender sports caps only come in black?

         Teams can order with their logos and team colors. Volume discounts available.

I wear a high ponytail is that a concern?

         No problem, we make a high ponytail model. Just specify when you place your order.

The Defender good for all sports?

        Yes the Defender can be worn and protects you for all sports and recreational activities. including medical  needs (Seizure Caps)


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