HITT Shield Defender "PRO" ™ Skull Cap




HITT Shield Defender™& Defender “PRO” - Skull Caps are the solution for military & LEO's  where head protection is priority. 

Patented: Under Helmet Safety Enhancement • Concussion Mitigation Protection

 “Defender” (2mm thickness) is proven in an independent testing lab report to be 4X’s more concussion protection than current market leaders in skull protection.

 *Defender and Defender Pro will fit under any helmet.

 At a thickness of only 2mm, our High Impact Transfer Technology (HITT) NDF™ protection product demonstrates up to 80%+ reduction in both linear and rotational impacts.  HITT Shield / NDF™ performed better than every other enhanced head protection solution in market for use in: Sports,

Law Enforcement / SWAT / Riot Control, Military and other applications. 


  • 4X more protection than closest market competition
  • Fully adjustable – one-size-fits-all
  • Machine washable
  • Uses wicker polyester for sweat management & enhanced natural cooling
  • Constructed with global patented NDF™
  • Customization Color / Printing Available

If you want the best impact protection against concussions, sub-concussive injuries, CTE and all other traumatic brain injuries, HITT Shield’s NDF™ protection are the solution for you.


Comfortable & Effective Head Protection:

Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighting


HITT Shield technology is comprised of a proprietary global patented formulation of NDF™ (Non-Newtonian Dilatant Fluid) combined with other uniquely combined active elements.   Non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid whose viscosity (or thickness) varies depending on the applied force or stress.  Depending on the force applied, the Non- Newtonian fluid can act like a liquid or a solid. “Dilatant” material is a material whose viscosity (or thickness) increases with the rate of strain (or force) applied.  In short, NDF™ will dramatically absorb and dissipate the energy from an impact instead of transferring that energy to the area the NDF™ is applied or worn.

“Defender-Pro” in 4mm thickness also available for even more protection for high impact scenarios ie. Professional Sports, Motorsport, Military/ Law Enforcement.

Lab Report

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